What I’m Listening To Today/Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, friends!

I don’t like the idea of resolutions, as there is a lot of negativity when it comes to personal reform/the eradication of habits/fixing “problems” within ourselves. Instead, I like to make a list of things I am working on or looking forward to in the coming year, as I know that many of the parts of me that may fall under resolutions are bound to change as I go through the ups and downs of life (and some may not change, and I’m okay with that, too).

In 2014, I am excited to:

  • Work on the 2014 Inside Out LGBT Film Festival
  • Work on a World Pride film festival initiative with Inside Out, TIFF, and U of T
  • Learn how to box
  • Make music
  • Have an art show
  • Start and finish a quilt with all of my fabric from Rwanda and Egypt
  • Spend more time with my family while I’m living in Toronto for the next six months
  • Travel to Iceland
  • Move to Vancouver
  • Take some weekend camping trips in B.C.
  • Potentially travel to India or Southeast Asia for part of the winter holidays

(Also of interest is this “fuck it” list).

Wishing you all lots of love, light, and adventure in 2014.

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