My name is Layla Cameron, and I am a queer fat activist living in Vancouver, BC.

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Communications at Simon Fraser University. My research focuses on reality television, media literacy, and fat activism.

I also work as a freelance journalist and filmmaker. You can learn more about my professional work on LinkedIn.

Be in touch! You can reach me at: layla.a.cameron@gmail.com or 604.358.3565.


Fat Hiking Club

In 2017, I completed production on my first short documentary film, Fat Hiking Club.


A woman seeks to make the outdoors more accessible for fat people – just as they are and without shame. Armed with her slogan “Trails Not Scales”, she soon finds herself hosting events all over North America.

Fat Hiking Club is currently being submitted to film festivals worldwide for the 2018 circuit. Would you like to host a screening? Let’s chat!

Check out the Fat Hiking Club website here.

You can also follow the film on Instagram and Facebook!

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Fat Chance

I recently came across the 1994 NFB documentary Fat Chance (dir. Jeff McKay), a feature-length film that follows Rick Zakowich, a fat man in Winnipeg, as he moves from a state of self-loathing to one of self-acceptance. I was hesitant to watch the film, as I am with most artifacts from our culture that focus …


INTERVIEW: The Rational, Vancouver Co-Op Radio. Segment from 27:47 – 36:00.

August 13, 2018

INTERVIEW: The Star Vancouver – “Fat Girls Hiking brings body-positive fitness to Vancouver”

August 4, 2018

Her message of inclusion in exercise has already begun to resonate with Vancouverites — including filmmaker Layla Cameron. After Cameron moved away from Toronto seeking the adventure of the West Coast trails, she found herself put off by the messaging she was seeing with regards to outdoor exercise in B.C.

While she wanted to explore the mountains, she was tired of not seeing other people who looked like her in the exercise community.

“It was really isolating, and I think that’s a common experience for a lot of fat people in the Vancouver area,” Cameron said.

“We feel like we don’t belong in those spaces, and it’s pretty tough to do that as the only fat person …When you can’t find other people who look like you to do activities that may take you out of your comfort zone, that’s a deterrent from being able to do something that otherwise you might really enjoy.”

When she discovered Fat Girls Hiking, Cameron was immediately excited about the group and their story. In 2016, she went to Portland to meet with the group and film a short hike with the group, returning last year to finish the full film project.


MENTION: The Lonely Planet – “Why this hairy beer belly bum-bag is dividing opinion”

September 22, 2017

Not everyone sees the bum-bags as funny however, with Canadian journalist, Layla Cameron, saying in her blog that when thin people dress up in ways that temporarily locate their bodies in fat identities, it “perpetuates fat oppression and discrimination.”


MENTION: Hate Free Blog – “World Experts on Bodily Stigmatization Will Go To Prague”

May 24, 2017

Among the leading speakers at the conference are Carlos M. Grilo of the American Yale University. He makes a contribution on the impact of discrimination on the basis of increased weight, race, and sex on the prevalence of cardiovascular disease on the selection of adult Americans. It is also worth mentioning Layla Cameron’s contribution from Simon Fraser University in Canada, who asks how to overcome the long-standing conflict between television showing of people with higher mass on TV and targets for rights of people with higher body weight. The conference will also present several workshops that will focus on activism or sharing good practices in the fight against stigmatization. Check out the complete conference program.

CONTRIBUTOR: The Rabbit Hole – “Round Table: Are We Loving Nature To Death?”

May 1, 2017


INTERVIEW: For The Record With Layla Cameron, PhD Student and Filmmaker 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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XTRA – Vancouver: “BC’s human rights commission is finally coming back and these LGBT experts are looking forward to it”

October 26, 2017


XTRA – Vancouver: “The painful truth about being gay at Canada’s largest Christian university: Trinity Western’s covenant and the queer students it hurts”

April 12, 2017


XTRA – Vancouver: “Universities Canada’s new policy could be bad news for Trinity Western: Can a university respect human rights law while banning gay sex?”

November 21, 2016


XTRA – Vancouver: “After 25 years at Little Sister’s, Janine Fuller now faces her toughest battle”

August 30, 2016


XTRA – Vancouver: “Why this collective is focused on young, non-binary femme artists”

July 22, 2016

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