In pre-production


In pre-production



A woman seeks to make the outdoors more accessible for fat people – just as they are and without shame. Armed with her slogan “Trails Not Scales”, she soon finds herself hosting events all over North America.

Fat Hiking Club has screened at film festivals around the world! Would you like to host a screening for your community or classroom? Let’s chat!

Check out the Fat Hiking Club website here.

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When you picture an avid hiker, images from REI and MEC commercials come to mind: this person is often able-bodied, white, thin, and decked out in the latest outdoor gear and sporting equipment.

But what about fat people? Queer folks? Trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming folks? People of different abilities? People of colour?

Hiking is an activity perceived to be out of the reaches of fat folks and other marginalized groups. This belief remains despite the social emphasis on weight-loss and fitness that often targets those who live outside the norm, especially those who inhabit bigger bodies.

Fat Hiking Club challenges this assumption.

This short documentary film captures the story of Summer Michaud-Skog, the founder of Fat Girls Hiking, an organization based in Portland, Oregon. Summer’s mission is to make the outdoors accessible for everybody – and every body. Her organization quickly grows in popularity, inspiring her to take it internationally.

First stop: Vancouver, British Columbia.

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