Letter to SunNews

There’s a big debate going on at Carleton University right now surrounding the Pro-Life clubs on campus. To sum it up quickly, there has been a motion put forward to ban clubs like Lifeline which use (in my opinion) inaccurate, triggering, and ignorant material to promote their anti-choice views.

While I would certainly vote for banning discriminatory and oppressive material on campus, I also understand the club’s right to freely defend themselves to ensure a fair vote by the student body.

What really bothers me is the media coverage surrounding this debate. Not only do right-wing media outlets like SunNews (and previously LifeSiteNews, until they corrected their publication), spell the name of the university incorrectly, but they also are combating the issue with the same tactics they find problematic.

In response to this video on SunNews’ website, I wrote:

“I would like to point out a few errors with this video.

First, Carleton is spelled correctly within the video itself, thanks to information provided by students, however SunNews has spelled it incorrectly in the description below the video. 

Second, I find it comical that this discussion aims to criticize Carleton University for asking “leading” questions, when throughout this clip, and numerous others on your website, your reporters and broadcasters engage in blatantly biased dialogue. 

Perhaps SunNews needs to fact-check both its material and its presentation of information before publishing, broadcasting, or criticizing other organizations for holding or promoting an opinion (unless, of course, SunNews would like to acknowledge its own politics).

Regardless of the controversy surrounding this debate, it is a shame that in SunNews’ efforts to promote their own right-wing agenda, you neglect to at least do it accurately.” 

I would also like to point out that one of the leading headlines on the SunNews page is “GOSSIP MAKES US STUPID?”


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