“The Gifts of Fatness” by Your Fat Friend

I know the extraordinary work it takes just to call a truce with your own embattled body. The strength required to withstand conversations with thinner friends, expounding on their hatred of their own bodies, proudly oblivious to the judgments they pass about your body every day…
… You have taken on the daring feat of deciding not to hate yourself, and you walk its high wire nearly every day, defying gravity and proving yourself a death-defying acrobat. You have withstood accusations of “glorifying obesity,” of self-deception. Your body has been named an unwilling combatant in some “war on obesity,” and through all of that, you have survived, persisted, learned to thrive. You are staggeringly strong, now irrepressible where others have so often tried to repress you. Even in the face of billowing winds, your pilot light stays lit. Your strength is nothing short of a miracle.

The full article can be read here c/o Medium.

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