How to Fall Flat

I was actually really excited to read this. Learning how to “fail” (or how to view failure as productive) is important. It was disappointing to realize that the author did not intend to apply argument to the pressures placed on women’s bodies.

Feeling like a failure because of what your body looks like is just as harmful, stressful, and negative as failing in other aspects of your life, maybe even more so because as you move on from other failures, you will never move on from your body. Fatphobic humour isn’t a funny way to make your point.

This article does serve, though, as an excellent example of how to “fall flat on your face.”

… All of them worry that they need to lose 10 pounds.

It’s terribly frustrating for me to witness this endless second-guessing. The problem is, I do it, too. Despite having written five books, I worry that I have not written the right kinds of books, or that perhaps I have dedicated too much of my life to writing, and have therefore neglected other aspects of my being. (Like, I could really stand to lose 10 pounds.)

The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself.

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