New Year, Same Goals


On New Year’s Eve I remembered a game I played in Kenya in 2010. First, we were told to list all of the things we had in our bedrooms that we used to represent ourselves. Next, we were asked to list every item in a rural Kenyan household.

The first compilation of lists included pictures, paintings, trinkets, CDs, clothing, and jewellery. The second included matches, cookware, and maybe a blanket.

The lesson I learned from this game was one that rang true throughout the whole trip and back home: True self expression is defined by what we do and who we are to others, not by what we have.

I’m not a fan of resolutions but I am a fan of self-reflection. My goals for 2013 include defining myself through what I can do for others, the active memories I hope to make, and the things I will do.

One of the projects I’m looking forward to is the REPRESENT. project. You can read more about it here.

Wondering if media representation is still important? Check out the video posted here, for how women (especially politicians), were talked about in the media in 2012.


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