Bringing grassroots conversations into the limelight

Why has feminism been pushed underground?

DIY feminism and independent feminism is fantastic – it is easily accessible and encourages expression in ways that are not promoted in the mainstream media.

However, we need to assess mainstream media and research the barriers placed on feminist media in regards to its relationship with mainstream publications, and the potential ways feminist media and thought can become mainstream.

While I understand that part of the allure and organization of feminist media is to be grassroots and easily accessible, I have found that the audience for this media is largely made up of those who would seek this information on their own; that is, it has a specific audience that actively seeks out their publications, but does not reach a larger audience beyond that. Feminist media has a vital role in critiquing mainstream content and is a crucial player in social movements for equality.

In order to change public opinion, feminist media must reach a larger market and become a valid competitor with the media that does access the majority. We must change peoples’ minds instead of preaching to the choir.

The media is only one way to change peoples’ minds, but it’s a start.

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